A Family, not a kennel. 

Here at French Bulldogs of Texas we treat our pets as FAMILY until they are ready to go to yours, That's one of the ways we are so very different then other breeders, We breed with love for the breed, not for the latest trend, and health of our dogs is our first and most important priority. We have spent years researching , owning, and loving the

breed. If you are a right fit for one of our puppies, you become a part of our family, If you ever have any questions , day or night, your more then welcome to contact us, in fact we highly encourage it! We will absolutely not sell to any one who has the intentions of over breeding, or leaving one of our babies locked in a cage. Frenchies should not have more then 3 litters and are a loving breed that need constant love and attention. 

 As far as kids go , they will be socialized with our kiddos, a 6 year old and a newborn, sense day one. Our 6 year old handles the puppies with love. In return, all of our dogs/puppies have a strong love for kids and adjust to them with no issues. They get to ride in the car often so there is no issues with family road trips either! From our family, to yours, when you choose us , your taking a piece of our heart, love, time, hard work, and a member of our family, and we strive for you to be thrilled with your new family member and provide him / her a lifetime of love that he / she will return to you.